Waves of Memories (Costa Leona Series #2)

Status: Completed
Posted: July 27, 2016 – November 20, 2016

Without her memories, Thraia Gabriella Fortunato doesn’t have a clue about her past. Kung paano siya dinala ng mga alon sa isang lugar na hindi pamilyar sa kanya ay lagpas sa kanyang pang-unawa. With only a stranger who says he is her husband, and friends who don’t have any clue of her past, too, she started to doubt everything.

Paanong may napapanaginipan siyang ibang lalaki? At paanong tuwing nananaginip siya’y halong pait at saya ang nararamdaman niya? And every time she wakes up looking at her husband’s eyes, the stranger, Ali Mercadejas, she feels nothing but indifference – very opposite to the way the man of her dreams make her feel.

In her journey to find the truth, will the waves guide her way back home or will it stretch the distance destiny has already given her?

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