Blown by the Wind (Costa Leona Series #4)

Status: Completed
Posted: January 12, 2018 – July 22, 2017

Barely escaping a tragedy, Eurydyce Amethyst Saniel, a young rising star, is found unconscious inside a small boat on the shores of Costa Leona.

Mapaglaro ang hangin, kung kanino pa siya may atraso ilang taon na ang lumipas, doon pa siya dinala.

Vincent Hidalgo’s estate includes the shores where Eury is found. Ang unang-unang naisip ni Vincent na gawin dito ay maningil. She has to pay for all the damages she has caused Vincent for the past years – sa pangalan at sa puso. Now that the wind brought Eury back to him, hinding-hindi niya na ito pakakawalan.

With Eury refusing to tell Vincent the reason why she was in that boat, with her oppressors dead, and a killer on the loose, how will Vincent protect Eury without knowing anything?

Eury doesn’t want Vincent in her life. Now, will he fight for his right when a haunting past is stopping him from forcing his way inside her life?

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