Whipped: Entice (Alegria Girls Series #1)

Status: Completed
Posted: July 5, 2015 – December 26, 2015

Entice Ralene dela Merced Esquivel owns Alegria. Siya ang spoiled brat ng mga dela Merced. All her whims, laging nasusunod. Lahat-lahat. Kaya hindi siya sanay na may bagay siyang hindi nakukuha. Hindi niya nakukuha ang atensyon ni Knoxx Montefalco. So she did everything to get his attention. She was determined to make him fall so hard for her. No one can stop her, even Knoxx’s friend.

Kahit gaano niya pa ka alam na in love si Lumiere kay Knoxx, hindi niya tinigilan si Knoxx. But then a tragedy shattered her heart into millions of pieces. A tragedy she never thought to be possible.

Talaga palang hindi mo makukuha ang lahat ng bagay sa mundong ito kahit gaano mo pa kagusto. May mga bagay talagang sadyang hindi para sayo. There are loves you just can’t hold alone. Loves who will drift no matter how tight you hold them. People who just can’t be yours no matter how whipped you are.

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