No Perfect Prince (Jimenez Cousins Series #2)

Status: Completed/Editing
Posted: 2010
Disclaimer: This is an old story from Creative Corner. This was written at around 2010. If there are any grammatical errors and childish writing, please bear with me.

Denise Cordelia Gozon is your favorite social climber. Napapalibutan ng mayayamang kaibigan at isa na roon si Bench Jimenez. Nobody knows why Bench, the notorious and rich playboy of their school, her friend, is following her every whims and requests. Kahit siya, hindi niya rin alam kung bakit highly favored siya ng binata at laging pinagbibigyan kahit na hindi rin naman ganoon kaganda ang ugali niya. She was ruthless in using him, and he was like her loyal warrior… until…

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  1. gusto ko po ulit basahin ‘to, hindi po ba puwede amg jonaxx stories app sa windows?

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