One Night, One Lie

Status: Completed
Posted: November 2, 2014 – April 2, 2015

It was wrong to be near her. No. He shouldn’t be near her. Nilalabanan ni Brandon ang kanyang sarili dahil useless ang attraction na nararamdaman niya. For him, it was all just a game. For him it’s pretend-love every night and the show is over every morning. Kaya illegal ang makaramdam ng constant attraction para sa isang babaeng hindi niya naman gaanong kilala.

But when Aurora Veronica wore that freaking corporate uniform, the walls he tried to build so hard came crashing down. Come on, Brandon, who are you kidding? The girl looked innocent but she’s damn hot with those killer heels. It probably won’t hurt that much. After all, it’s just a game.

It’s just a game. Yes, it’s just a game. Just one night. One night. It only takes one night to believe all the lies.

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