One Rebellious Night (Del Fierro Series #1)

Status: On Going
Posted: December 4, 2019

The Rockwell Princess, Schuyler Rockwell, is in a difficult situation. Involved in illegal drugs and many other scandals in the past years, Brandon Rockwell has had enough. Sa wakas nakahanap ng sulusyon ang kaniyang ama para sa suwail na anak at iyon ay ang ipakasal siya sa isang marangal na lalaki. Sky was devastated but she knew that her father’s words were absolute. She was virgin and she hated the thought that she will give her virginity up for her future husband, a stranger. So that one fateful night, in that dark and crowded high end club, she decided to rebel…

This book is currently unavailable.

17 thoughts on “One Rebellious Night (Del Fierro Series #1)

    1. You can read One Rebellious Night (Del Fierro Series #1) at Jonaxx Stories, available in Play Store, App Store and App Gallery.

  1. I can’t read the story here. I don’t have enough space so I go here but the stories are currently not available.

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