Sunburned Heart (Costa Leona Series #8)

Status: Completed
Posted: July 19, 2018 – October 2, 2018

Amber Emilianna Sevilla is pressured from her mother’s expectations of her. Having done something that displeased her, she was shipped off to live in her mother’s hometown, Costa Leona.

There, she was told to stay away from Jaxon Riego, Costa Leona’s sunburned beauty. Anak ito ng lalaking pinakamumuhian ng ina. Ngunit hindi siya lumayo at natuto pang umibig dito. She soon realized that her mother may be right but it was too late. She was already sorrowful and broken.

Over lies, misunderstandings, a heartbreak, a tragedy, and a secret, Amber and her family left Costa Leona for New York to start a new life…

Sa kanyang pagbabalik, handa na niyang ibunyag ang kanyang sikreto. Ngunit makakaya kaya ni Amber na harapin ang galit ni Jaxon?

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