Sands of Time (Costa Leona Series #6)

Status: Completed
Posted: October 5, 2017 – January 9, 2018

If she was only that powerful like what everyone believes, Soleil Cervantes, The Lady of the Light, would have sped up the time. Matagal niya nang hinihiling iyon kasama ng paghiling niyang suwertehin din siya sa buhay, sa pag-aaral, at sa mga kaibigan.

Itinuturing na diyosa sa kanilang munting nayon sa bulubundukin ng Costa Leona, siya ay sinasamba, at sa murang edad ay pinagkakakitaan na ng kanyang ama. Bagama’t siya ay mulat na ang nakaugalian ay pawang kasinungalingan lamang, walang magawa dahil sa kabataan at kahirapan sa buhay.

She was almost convinced that her dreams will forever remain dreams until one day, she noticed how everything was slowly becoming a reality – she started going to school, she has friends, and she was noticed by Raoul Riego. It isn’t easy to be in love with the most respected, beautiful, and richest young man of Costa Leona; more so when their worlds are opposite apart.

She thought she was a step closer to her dreams of going to college, having a career, and having a normal life. Pero hindi yata talaga ayon ang pagkakataon sa kanya, a step closer and all of it crumbled down in just one cold and dark night, when the sky reflected the colours of hell.

Guilty, lost, and sad, will she ever find her way back? Or in her case, will she ever want to?

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