Against the Heart (Azucarera Series #1)

Status: Completed
Posted: January 3, 2019 – May 3, 2019

Charlotta Yvonna del Real is the queen of Altagracia. Anak ng may-ari ng malaking Azucarera, she has it all – friends, popularity, riches, boys. But well, maybe, not all. May madilim na lihim ang kanyang pamilya. Isang bagay na hindi inaasahan para sa kanila. The deal Real’s were always the epitome of a perfect family, not until that night.

Inukit sa puso niya ang galit at pagkamuhi para sa mga Castanier. She was sure that when the Lenadro Castanier is back, she would throw them out of Altagracia. Even if it was against her heart.

This is the First book of Azucarera Series. The series consist of three books. The two other books are:
Getting to You (Azucarera #2)
Hold Me Close (Azucarera #3)

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