Tripped: Lilienne (Alegria Girls Series #3)

Tripped: Lilienne (Alegria Girls Series #3)

Status: Completed
Posted: February 27, 2016 – June 5, 2016

Lilienne Altamirano is not your typical probinsyana. Taliwas siya sa stereotype ng mga probinsyanang mahinhin at mahiyain. She’s a wanderess. A lioness. She can tame every sheep. And she can’t be tamed. By anyone. Or probably by anything. Or that’s what she thought. Dahil may isang bagay na hindi niya kayang gawin. Isang taong hindi niya kayang paamuin. Iyon ang pinagtuonan niya ng pansin. All her steps, little by little, are leading to him. Dahil, hindi, hindi siya naniniwala na hindi niya iyon kayang gawin. She can do it, you see. She’s Lilienne Altamirano!

She thinks she’ll succeed, only to find out that she didn’t tame him, he tamed her. She toppled, stumbled… complete with bruises… and the pieces of her heart were scattered on the ground… Because it was all too late. It’s all too late. She tripped. Alone. Fell. All alone. Gone. Alone.

She made sure she won’t make the same mistakes again. Alegria, she’ll be back with the bruises all healed and her heart whole again. She vowed to never fall again. That’s for sure now. But then again… she tripped.

This is the last of Alegria Girls Series.

6 thoughts on “Tripped: Lilienne (Alegria Girls Series #3)

    1. You can read Tripped: Lilienne (Alegria Girls Series #3) in Jonaxx Stories (available in Play Store, App Store and AppGallery).

  1. After reading Tripped many times, I’m here, reading the synopsis of this story and I realized how beautiful it is. It is indeed Lilienne, she was very strong woman. Ang ganda po talaga ng story niyo, ate J.

  2. I always go back to this story whenever I want to break my heart. Such a beautifully written story, the lessons it gave me and it continuously gives me as I read it over and over again is priceless. I love the characters so much, it hurts.

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